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Bathroom Resurfacing


Bathroom Refinishing Buffalo NY

When you are"blessed" using a colorfully tiled bathroom right from the 1950s (cherry?  Teal?  Faded yellowish?)  However, a third choice --reglazing tile, bathtubs, and sinks--has crept on our radar, a repair that needs neither the time cost of a gut renovation nevertheless may be quite as transformative.  Perhaps you've heard of it by a different name: Reglazing can also be referred to as refinishing, resurfacing, or perhaps painting (although the last is not true ), depending upon whom you are speaking to.  However, the practice is the same: A specialist will come to your house and, following a deep cleansing of the item in question, spray an extremely thin, opaque, shiny coat of glaze throughout the tile, sink, and bathtub, or each the aforementioned -- fully altering the area in a matter of hours. Whenever your tub is gloomy or threatening, nevertheless, taking a bathroom might be the very last thing you would think about.  If you are prepared to substitute an old bathtub, it may be smart to rather think about refinishing what you own.Replacing an present bathtub with a more recent version isn't necessarily a easy chore.   There might also be floors, trim, surrounds, and pipes which have to be eliminated and replaced.  Even though a new bathtub can cost as much as $200, labor costs for the replacement procedure can simply add $thousands or more on the invoice.                                               

Rather, many homeowners have the present bathtub reglazed, which generally costs $500-$1,000, based upon area and procedure.  Whether your tub is gloomy and stained, or perhaps when it matches some serious rust and cracks, then a trained technician may probably fix and re-coat the outside to get a like-new appearance.  Cast-iron, steel, and fiberglass bathtubs and shower stalls may be re-coated to match the original end or within an entirely new colour 

Tub and surround

Bathtub Refinishing

Surface Magic- our name says everything, Commercial Bath Refinishing Buffalo NY. We've got the abilities to provide high-end residential grade in a industrial setting.

Bathtub Resurfacing, shower enclosures, countertops, tile reglazing and much more. We're here for you.

We are aware that the needs of property managers. We make that you will need quality work, on time, and on funding.

Surface Magic

Surface Magic is dedicated to our craft so you can be committed to yours. Let's take the stress from your refinishing/reglazing needs.

Why is Surface Magic the constant leader in tub refinishing for multifamily housing is the thing that enables us to excel in single-family house residential refinishing too.

We're great at what we do. We all know what works and what does not. If refinishing isn't the ideal match for a particular program we won't take action. In reality, we will inform you the very best plan of activities even though it means not using our providers. Our expertise and our ethics is what separates us from other businesses.


Countertop Refinishing


If your laminate countertops are cracked, worn, or obsolete and you're wanting to replace themconsider counertop trimming with Surface Magic Refinishing.  Together with our innovative countertop remodelling techniques, you can update your kitchen and also save money and time doing it!  Additionally, our hard, semi-gloss acrylics are lasting, low maintenance, and simple to clean than many brand laminates.  Our products also provide exceptional stain and acid resistance in contrast to stone and granite surfaces and minus the frustration of having to seal the rock surface every 6-12 weeks.

kitchen remodeling job

Say farewell to knife cuts, chips, burns and obsolete colours!  Surface Magic Refinishing provides a range of colorful, patterned and rock finishes for ruined and hideous countertops.  Save as much as 20% - 50 percent of the price of replacing tile or laminate countertops in your kitchen remodeling job.  

All kinds of laminate countertops such as those made by Formica, Wilson Art, Nevamar or many others, can be attractively refinished.   Countertop repairs are fast and simple with our method of counter resurfacing.  Additionally, butcher block patterns and fashionable colours can easily go out-of-style and require upgrading to a current decorating options.  Before trimming a countertop, all of chips and scrapes are required to generate a wonderful smooth and sanitary work surface in your kitchen.  All sorts of laminates could be repaired and rectified if functioning as your kitchen counter tops, breakfast bar, or bathroom vanity.  A number of colours, patterns, and textures are all offered to you.